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Located in northeastern Europe, this small coastal country is a short ferry trip away from Finland and Sweden. It is a nordic gem where modern meets medieval, that gives Estonia a unique flavour.

Estonia is a diverse country with unspoiled nature and rich medieval heritage that is surely a good reason to come for a short break.

Estonia a mixture of cultural and natural adventuress such as medieval towns, elegant manors, dense forests, lakes, swamps and stunning islands in the Baltic Sea.

Some facts about Estonia

Total area: 64,589

Coastline: 3794 km of the Baltic Sea coast
Average temperature: July is +20°C, in January – -4°C.
International relations: member of NATO, EU and Schengen area.    Population: 1 315 635 Ethnic groups: 68.8 % Estonians, 25.1% Russians and 6.1% others.

Estonian language belongs to the Finno Ugric branch of European languages.

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